We work with you to first reduce energy consumption through habit change and equipment retrofit.

Lighting updated to LED is usually the area with the biggest impact on overall Kw Hours used.

Other notable areas to consider include properly sized motor loads and equipment turned on when not needed.

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Energy Metering

Through the adoption of energy sub-metering technology at a circuit level in your electrical panels, you will be able to analyse exactly where your energy dollars are going and rectify any potential issues.

Now that you have a accurate usage history for each electrical load, you will have the ability to consider targeted retrofits and maximize payback time and dollars.

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With the addition of a PV Solar System sized to your Energy consumption or budget, you will be able Eliminate or reduce your electrical operating cost.

Another advantage is that you lock in your Kwh usage cost for the energy you produce and use.  Amortized over the life of your system, this rate is usually in the 6-8 cents per Kwh.

Ask us about rebates available in your area

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Our mission is simplicity

By this we mean:

  • Be energy responsible and use as little energy as you need to operate or live.
  • Know what your using and always aspire to be better and use less when it makes sense.
  • Generate as much renewable energy as you consume, or at least as much as makes sense to your location and installation limitations.

At GreenTech we offer all the expertise and technology to help you achieve these objectives. We also do the full installation for you, that way you only have one point of contact for the whole process. a huge time and money saver.

Upon contacting us, we will assign one of our project managers (PM) to your account. This PM will stay with you through the entire process, getting you quick accurate information and solutions to address your inquiries.


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